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Amanda J. Duddleson, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in working with children and adults in individual and family therapy. She has been in practice since graduating from Indiana University South Bend with a Masters degree in Social Work in May of 2010. Her practice focuses on children, adolescents, families and adults, often within the context of Attachment. She brings a gentle, focused, and holistic style to therapy. Utilizing a strengths-based approach, she incorporates art and play-based strategies, positive communication and collaborative process to help clients reach their full potential and healing.

Amanda is an Approved Consultant and Certified in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy). She is trained but not certified in several other evidence-based therapies including, CPP (Child Parent Psychotherapy), TFCBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and Theraplay principles (Level One). She is also knowledgeable in dialectical behavioral therapy techniques (DBT).

Amanda’s areas of expertise include trauma, depression, anxiety, & relationships. She also provides consultation to clinicians trained in EMDR, with a special focus on EMDR with children and adolescents.

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Insurance panels I am credentialed with: UBH /United Behavioral Health, CHA (community health alliance), Meritain, Aetna, MBHN, & New Avenues.


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About EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR?

E (eye) M (movement) D (desensitization) R (reprocessing) therapy is a well researched and supported evidenced-based treatment traditionally used to treat people with trauma.

When a person experiences a traumatic event the body and mind hold the stressors in different ways. As a result of trauma one may experience physical and emotional and behavioral symptoms. Additionally, there are often “stuck” feelings and beliefs regarding the situation and possibly stuck memories (pictures), commonly referred to as flashbacks. These can be uncomfortable for may people and one may try to avoid anything associated with these “stuck” memories, feelings and sensations.

However, our bodies have a natural ability to heal, much like getting a physical wound such as a paper cut; our body creates a scab and eventually heals on it’s own. Our brain also has this natural ability to heal. EMDR uses bilateral (meaning right to left) stimulation (BLS) such as eye movements to help the brain process through the “stuck” memories to move towards natural healing. EMDR therapists can help people heal from trauma, and other mental health symptoms, with a specific protocol to help reduce uncomfortable feelings, memories and sensations related to past events with a goal to develop a more positive or adaptive thinking and eliminate uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and sensations. This type of therapy can be much more effective and most often quicker (less sessions) than traditional “talk therapy”.

As a child therapist I also use many creative and playful ways to work in therapy and with EMDR. I look forward to our work together :)

to learn more visit: www.emdria.org

1 Trauma meaning, any event or situation experience or memory which is gravely disturbing in which the person thought he/ she may be severely injured, possibly die or witness of someone else gravely injured or possibly die.

2 eye movements are one form of BLS, some therapist use a tapping and a device called ©theratappers or a light bar to help with reprocessing

3 EMDR is also use to treat adjustment stressors such as divorce, bullying and also anxiety, depression and other mental health diagnosis.


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note: The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays are reserved for Basic EMDR consultation 9am-11am EST.
Evening appointments fill up fast, I often have a waiting list for new clients, please get in touch if you are a new client.

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